Sustainable, Organic Food in Dublin 8.

Dublin Food Co-op

Dublin Food Co-op is a community-led wholefoods food co-operative based in Kilmainham, Dublin 8. Since we were established in 1983 we have been championing organic, vegetarian and wholefoods for nearly 40 years. Anyone can become a member, and everyone is welcome to shop with us. 

Membership Benefits

Local, Zero Waste and Organic Food in Dublin 8

It is our mission to source the best local, organic and sustainable food for the best price we can offer to our members and the wider community. Our shop team work hard to ensure that all products we stock meet the high ethical and environmental standards set by our members.

We have curated a selection of our most bought products for you to order for collection via our new Online Shop.

Organic Vegetables

Fresh Produce

Zero Waste Cleaning Products

Zero Waste

Organic Veg


Our Story

A Food Democracy since 1983

Started by a group of activists wishing to meet their common needs for affordable, organic, vegetarian food in 1980’s Ireland, we are now a vibrant food democracy in the heart of Dublin City.

Organic, package free fruit and veg shop


A diverse community of like minded people.

Plant based

All our products are vegetarian or vegan


We are certified by the Irish Organic Association

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