Founded in 1983

Dublin Food Co-op is Ireland’s longest running and largest community-owned consumer co-operative. 

We were established with an aim to provide affordable, nutritious, wholesome and sustainably sourced food to our members from our shop in Kilmainham and our online shop. 

The Co-op started as a small buying club among friends, but has over time grown into a vibrant community with over 2,500 members, 120 volunteers and 18 staff members. 

Our Co-operative Today

As a co-operative, we are a not for profit social enterprise – we aim to make a surplus to provide more affordable prices, build healthy reserves and further our social purpose. 

We achieve more affordable prices through bulk ordering and our member volunteering scheme.Members receive a 5% discount on their shopping when they join but they can receive up to a 25% discount if they are also able to volunteer. 

Volunteers receive between 15%  and 25% discounts for their contribution.

Our Co-op Governance

Our co-operative is made up of many parts that each play an important role.

Our Members

The members are the lifeblood of any co-operative, and we are no exception. Members are involved at all levels of the co-operative, be it volunteering in the shop, getting involved in member committees, attending member meetings or joining our Co-ordinating Body. As a member you are not only entitled to all the benefits of membership, you are also a shareholder in our co-operative. You’re able to attend our General Meetings, elect our Co-ordinating Body and participate in decisions about our Co-op.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our co-operative, and we cherish their invaluable contributions. Volunteers play a pivotal role in various aspects of our co-operative's operations, whether it's dedicating their time to help run the shop, actively participating in member committees, attending crucial member meetings, or becoming integral members of our Co-ordinating Body. As a volunteer, you don't just give your time; you reap the rewards too. Volunteering with us means you become a stakeholder in our co-operative, sharing in the benefits and decision-making process.

Our Co-ordinating Body

The Co-ordinating Body, the guiding hand of our Co-op, is annually elected by our cherished members. They stand as the heartbeat, tirelessly steering our Co-op towards the path that resonates with our core vision, purpose, and values. 

The dedicated volunteers within the CB serve as an indispensable link, connecting the intricate web of our operations with the pulsating energy of our members. They are the vital safeguard, ensuring that the Co-op remains not just sound, but also infused with the spirit that fuels its existence. In the symphony of our Co-op's governance, the CB finds resonance through the numerous committees. 

These committees are comprised of members who bring their knowledge, skills, and experience, becoming the cornerstone that supports and fortifies our Co-op's mission.
Our Staff
Our dedicated staff members form the backbone of our Co-op, entrusted with the critical task of managing day-to-day operations and executing the strategic goals set forth in collaboration with our Co-ordinating Body. 

Our emphasis lies in cultivating a team that wholeheartedly embraces our co-operative's values. It's noteworthy that the majority of our staff were Co-op members before joining our workforce, illustrating their deep commitment to our mission and principles.

Our Co-ordinating Body

The Co-ordinating Body is the elected ‘board of directors’ of our co-operative. Three members are elected each year at our AGM. The Co-ordinating Body is responsible for guiding our strategy, safeguarding our resources and ensuring the management of our co-op remains aligned with our social, environmental and co-operative values.

Our Committees

Our committees support the Co-ordinating Body with their work, give more members a opportunity to be involved in the governance of our Co-op and bring their expertise, values and passion to our Co-op.

Finance, Audit & Risk

Chair: Martin Nolan 
 The CB is supported in the areas of finance, audit and risk by a committee of members with appropriate skills and experience. The committee is always looking for new members, so consider reach out. 

 Download the Terms of Reference (PDF 242kb – opens in a new window).

Nomination & Governance

Chair: Vacant 

 The CB is supported with its governance and succession role by a committee of members with appropriate skills and experience. The committee is always looking for new members, so consider reach out. 

 Download the Terms of Reference (PDF 116kb – opens in a new window).

Members Affairs

Faciliator: Robert Cazacuic 

 The CB is facilitating the start of a Members’ Affairs Committee to provide a space for members to ask questions, share ideas and get involved without the commitment of joining the CB or one of the committees. 

Read more.

Our Governance Knowledge Base

We have created a knowledge base of all the key documents and policies that members need to understand how our co-operative is governed and operated.
We will be uploading this to our website shortly.