Transition to our new website

Transition to our new website

We're really happy to announce a significant step forward in enhancing your experience with the Dublin Food Co-op. As part of our ongoing commitment to adapt and improve, we've launched a new online shop using Shopify, a specialized platform tailored for online trading. This initiative marks the beginning of a transition towards a more user-friendly and accessible website for our members.

The decision to introduce this new online shop stems from a reflection on our previous website, which was a commendable effort brought to life during the pandemic with the dedication of Permascape, our staff team and feedback from members.

The original vision was to provide a comprehensive online service where members could purchase everything available at the Co-op, including fresh produce, zero waste products, and more.

While we were fortunate to receive a grant under the Online Retail Scheme to support this endeavor, the allocated funds weren't sufficient to fully realize the expansive vision we had set out to achieve. Selling groceries online posed substantial challenges, particularly regarding development costs and instore fulfilment, and our ability to meet the high service standards expected by our members within the allocated budget.

Therefore, after careful consideration, we've decided to transition away from our legacy website, which required extensive customization to create a full-service online grocery store—a goal that was never fully achieved. Our shift to Shopify represents a move towards a platform purpose-built for online sales which we can build slowly with limited development costs.

Our legacy site will remain at for now, where members can renew their membership for the time being.

Admittedly, the transition to Shopify will require time and effort, especially regarding the integration of all member services. However, rest assured, we are working on. Soon, you'll be able to join, renew, update your details, and even save your favourite baskets and products for future reference.

In acknowledging the limitations faced in the past, we've opted for a different approach this time. Instead of striving to replicate a full-service online grocery experience, we're commencing with a smaller, more manageable online shop and intend to expand gradually.

To start, we're focusing on selling our diverse range of gift products on our online shop. This will serve as a testing ground to understand what resonates with our members and what doesn't.

In the pipeline, we plan to introduce a limited selection of bulk order products, vegetable boxes, or a simple online pantry. However, we want to be transparent that offering the entire range of fresh produce, zero waste, or refrigerated products online may not be feasible in the immediate future due to complexities in managing both the website and the physical shop.

Nevertheless, we're optimistic that over time, we'll develop an online service that perfectly complements our physical store, making it more convenient for our members to shop with the Co-op.

We're incredibly excited about this new chapter and thank you for your continued support

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