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Dublin Food Co-op

DFC T-Shirts

DFC T-Shirts

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At Dublin Food Co-op, we celebrate community, sustainability, and the joy of supporting local communities. Our line of branded t-shirts embodies these values. Each purchase directly contributes to the flourishing community of the Co-op and supports our mission.

Crafted in collaboration with Epic, a pioneering social enterprise dedicated to giving employment to those who have found it difficult to access the labour market as a result of prior criminal convictions, or who are in recovery from addiction, these shirts are not only a statement of your support for Dublin Food Co-op but also a symbol of your dedication to ethical sourcing. Epic's mission aligns perfectly with ours, focusing on sustainable practices and social impact, ensuring that every step from creation to your hands is rooted in positive change.

🌿 Why Choose Our T-Shirts?

🌱 Support the Co-op: Your purchase directly funds the Dublin Food Co-op, enabling us to continue promoting local, organic, and sustainable food practices in our community.

🤝 Empower Social Enterprise: With Epic's ethical manufacturing, you're contributing to an enterprise that creates meaningful employment opportunities and champions fair trade practices.

♻️ Sustainability First: Our shirts are made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

🌍 Wear Your Values: Beyond just a piece of clothing, our t-shirts are a statement of your support for local social enterprises, community empowerment, and a sustainable future.

🌟 Join the Movement: By sporting our Dublin Food Co-op branded t-shirts, you're proudly representing a collective effort towards a more ethical and sustainable world.

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