New Membership Dues in 2024

Summary of Changes

Removal of individual/household distinction

Moving forward, all members will contribute based on a per-household basis. This streamlines the membership process and ensures that all Co-op households are treated equally.

Three new rates

We understand that each household has unique circumstances. To accommodate this, we have introduced three new membership rates based on a household's ability to contribute. This ensures that membership remains accessible to all, while allowing those who can contribute more to do so.

  • Standard Rate: €30 per annum
  • Solidarity Rate: €45 per annum
  • Concession Rate: €15 per annum

Choose the rate most appropriate to your household's circumstances.

12 months rolling membership terms

Say goodbye to the traditional January to December membership cycle! From now on, your membership will be valid for a rolling 12-month period from the date you join or renew. This provides flexibility and allows you to enjoy the benefits of your membership without waiting for an annual renewal window.

Recurring membership payments

To make your life even easier, we are introducing recurring member dues payments. No more worrying about remembering to renew – your membership will automatically renew, ensuring uninterrupted access to all the fantastic benefits of being a Co-op member.

New Basic Rate

Members who choose not to contribute financially will still retain their membership but will experience reduced benefits. This ensures that everyone can continue to participate in our community.