Shop Stock Updates

The latest information on items that are out of stock, or low in stock in our shop. Brexit is currently affecting some of our deliveries so we are sourcing alternatives where possible. 

From March 2020 we began to experience a significantly increased footfall in our shop and, at times, 
difficulties with our supply chain. This was as a result of COVID-19. Since then the supply chain has
largely stabilised, although we now find it disrupted once again due to Brexit. 

Certain brands are delayed coming into Ireland due to the high volume of Brexit paperwork.
This has mostly to do with paperwork that is not in order on the side of the brands. We have no
control over this as we do not directly import items, we use suppliers based in Ireland.

We try to find substitute products where available, or items from the same brand but with Dutch or
French labelling. Products from these brands with English labels may a few weeks to come back in. 

Low stocks or out of stock this week 4/7/21



Belvoir Elderflower cordial
Biona Free Range Mayonnaise, flageolet Beans
Clearspring Noodles
Ecomil Almond Milk sugar free
Just Wholefoods Sour Vegebears
King Soba Vermicelli Noodles
Lizi’s Granola
Meridian Blood Orange spread
Nobo Caramel chocolate bar
Organica coconut bar, nougat bar
Simply Delicious mayonnaise (no longer available)
Sproud Barista Pea drink
Sunita Halva, Tahinis, Pestos, Polenta
Zaytoun Caramelised almonds, chili almonds
Trafo Hummus crisps with seasalt
Your Organic Nature chickpea fusilli



Brazil Nuts (running low)
Himalayan Sea salt (running low)
Oregano (running low)



Impulse Tempeh


Faith in Nature Lavender geranium bodywash

Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Loose soap


EcoEgg Reusable kitchen towel
Cleaning vinegars

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