Special Orders

Special Orders are available to members and are advance orders of products in bulk, or items we do not normally stock on our shelves.  Find out more information below.

Special and Bulk Orders

A Special Order is an advance order of a product in bulk, or an item we do not stock on our shelves but we can order from our suppliers and which adheres to our principles. Only members can place a special order. Members receive an larger discount on bulk orders, depending on the size of the order. 

Items in a special order are full cases of one product or bulk quantities of dried wholefoods. See size guide below.

Items from our Zero Waste section are not available for purchase as a special order.

How to place a special order

To place a special order, you can speak to any of the staff members in the shop, over the phone, or contact us by email: bulk@dublinfood.coop

When placing a special order, please make sure to supply your membership number and contact details such as an email address.

Special orders are usually available one week after an order has been placed. If the order is placed before Sunday 6pm, it will usually be available from the following Friday afternoon.


Discount levels are as follows:

  • 10% for orders over €150
  • 10% for members paying a concession membership subscription
  • 15-25% for our volunteers


Sizes can depend on the items or brand, but a general guide it:

Wholefoods, such as grains, nuts, pulses etc., are generally available in bags of 5kg. Certain items are also available in 2.5kg or 10kg as well as 25kg.

Canned, bottled, jarred and packed products generally come in cases of 6 or 12.

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