Niugini Virgin Coconut Oil 650ml


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Niugini Organics raw 100% organic virgin coconut oil is extracted without the application of heat at any stage thereby ensuring the retention of the original levels of tocopherol antioxidants (Vitamin E), the weapon of choice against free radicals.

Niugini Organics coconut oil contributes to a sustainable balance between productive independent farmers and thriving wild ecosystems.

It is a healthy, delicious and high in lauric acid– your body’s natural shield against ill health.

All of our coconuts are wild harvested which mean we do not use large plantations but instead source all of our coconuts from local small holder farmers  who are paid above average price for their coconuts.

As the Gazelle Peninsula is a matriarchal society the majority of our suppliers are women.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Integrity

Sight – Crystal clear when liquefied, immaculately white when crystallised
Smell – Fresh and light coconut aroma, reminiscent of the fragrance of freshly expressed coconut milk
State – Solidifies/Crystallises in temperatures below 23°C as proof of its unadulterated nature
Taste – Slightly sweet and mild coconut essence