Promoting Irish Suppliers

Irish Suppliers

You may have noticed that over the past month we have had promotions on certain Irish Suppliers and Produce. We have had special offers on Bulter’s Eggs, Mossfield Dairy & Seed Savers Seeds and on Irish Fruit and Veg from Beechlawn farm too.

At the Co-op we aim to prioritise local, independent suppliers and to support smaller businesses where possible. These promotions are a way to raise awareness for these business and to continue to offer a reasonable price for good quality Irish goods to our members.

Aoife, our General Manager made a nice write up about her visit to one of our Irish Suppliers, Butler’s Eggs. If you would like to read it, find it here:

Keep an eye out in our shop, website and on our social media for these offers – currently we are selling seeds savers seeds at a special offer of 25% off until the end of September.  It’s a great opportunity to get what you need for next years growing.

Seed Savers Competition Continues!

We’ve had lots of interested in our seeds savers competition and a few requests to keep it going a bit longer so for those of you who are ‘growing your own’ and haven’t had a chance to share your images with us you can still do so.

Find our more about Irish Seed Savers and the great work they do here:

Please share your photos via e-mail to or tag the Dublin Food on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with your photos. We’ll also share a selection on these photos on our website.

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