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Moon Calendar 2024

Moon Calendar 2024

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“Enagh Farrell, artist of the stars and trees,

Her illustrations, stories to remind you of nature’s ease.

A moon calendar for the year to keep,

And journey through the seasons we will leap”

An illustrated calendar for each month. It is inspired by the traditional full moon folk names.

The illustrations are intended as a type of narrative of the feeling of each month within the season it falls in. There is a supplementary text about the moon, biodiversity, herbalism, ogham trees and sometimes astrology. Month names are in Irish and English, as well as the folk name for that monthly full moon.

Image size 210 mm x 210 mm. Calendar size when hanging is 420 mm x 210 mm

This calendar also indicates the geocentric position of the moon phases: new, first quarter, full, and last quarter. As well as the astrological signs the moon passes through during these moon phases. I have chosen to add this for people who are interested in biodynamic gardening, for people holding circles or ritualistic work. In each month, you will see when the sun moves into a new astrological sign. Eclipses and meteor showers are also indicated. I have used Raphael’s Astronomical Ephemeris 2024 for this information, which is set for GMT.

The outer shell is printed on recycled 300-gramme paper. Inside is printed on 170-gramme FSC/PEFC paper. Printed in Dublin, Ireland. The illustrations can be framed after use.

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