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The Co-operative Advantage

Date/Time: Tuesday 23rd of March – 12:00pm – 13:30pm

Platform: Zoom Video Conferencing

Host: Tiziana O’Hara (Co-operative Alternatives)

Free Event

Times are changing, Covid-19, the Climate Emergency – have created an unprecedented urgency to revalue and reassess how we live and work. Co-operatives have often emerged in times of crisis and as an answer to new needs.

What are co-operatives? What makes co-operatives different? What is the co-operative advantage?

The webinar will address these questions by bringing examples of how the principles of co-operation, democratic governance and surplus distribution have been embedded and written into well established and emerging co-operatives. This webinar is practical and based on the experience gained through the work of Co-operative Alternatives.

If you are interested in attending please register for the event at the link below.


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Our Community Development Programme for 2021 has been boosted by the support we received through the Social Enterprise Fund in 2020.

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