Eating seasonally this August

August Seasonal Food Calendar

It’s within our food ethos here at the Food Co-op to encourage eating seasonally along with supporting local produce. We’re happy to report that we have a large range of fruit & vegetables for you to pick from. Making an effort to include seasonal food in your diet reduces waste higher in the food chain. It also helps you get the tastiest, healthiest food into your diet.

Here’s 3 reasons why we think you should eat seasonally:

  1. Supporting local communities: Eating seasonally often means the food is locally grown. For instance when buying locally produced food, the money you spend stays in Ireland to support our farmers and communities. 
  2. Higher quality of food: Local produce is more likely to be ripened on the farm before being harvested and delivered. Above all, the food is fresher, more nutritious and tastes better.
  3. Less environmental impact: Food that has traveled across the world to get to your plate has a much higher impact on our environment. More energy used for transport, refrigeration and food storage. More packaging used to keep food fresh. By eating seasonal foods you can help reduce the environmental costs associated with your food.

As always, feel free to bring your own containers as the majority of our fruit & vegetable selection is packaging free. Here’s a reminder of our zero waste philosophy:

Take a look at the August seasonal calendar to see what we currently have in season here in Ireland. This year’s calendar can be found here: