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The better, more sustainable world you want is just around the corner. Join us this June as we celebrate all the amazing social enterprises and co-operatives that are right at your doorstep. They can help you make a difference to your pocket, your neighbourhood, and your world. 

Ireland is full of locally-based social enterprises, co-operatives, and not-for-profit organisations. We in Dublin Food Co-op are one of these local businesses that you, by supporting the shop and becoming a member, can help support and help make a difference in the world we live in.

Throughout the month of June, we are running a campaign where we celebrate and bring awareness to all the amazing social enterprises and co-operatives that are right on your doorstep.

Discover the Difference

It's called

Discover the difference

Discover the difference YOU can make to your pocket

  • Our members and volunteers received discounts of 5%-25%
  • We give back over €25,000 each year in discounts to members and volunteers

Discover the difference YOU can make to your community

  • €525,000 spent with different small Irish businesses annually
  • We support local enterprises and fellow community projects

Discover the difference YOU can make to the environment

  • The produce we stock is 95% organic
  • We offer more than 110 zero-waste products and growing
  • Buy your fruit and vegetables loose and plastic-free

Come along to a party this June 25th!

You are warmly invited to our next get together, come and find out how our social enterprise makes a difference in our community.

To celebrate our Discover the Difference campaign we’re throwing a Community Open Day, a street feast! We are hosting the party outside Dublin Food Co-op, in sunny Kilmainham Square. You can bring food, friends and family, but most importantly bring yourself. As well as the Co-op putting on a spread we invite everyone to bring food for our veggie and vegan potluck. 

We can’t wait to meet you. 

DFC Staff & Volunteers

Dublin Food Co-op is just one of many social enterprises–businesses dedicated to a more ethical, affordable and sustainable future for all.

What makes us different?

Social Enterprises

Dublin Food Co-op

95% of Dublin Food Co-op's stock is organic
Dublin Food Co-op stock 110 zero waste products and growing
Dublin Food Co-op offer discounts of up to 25% for members


Interested, but never tried the Co-op?

Come down and visit during the month of June for a special discount, so that you can see the benefits to your community, pocket and planet. Discover the difference the Co-op can help you make. 


A regular shopper, but interested in being
a more active part of our community?

Join up today, and not only will be you
get a member discount, but you’ll stay in the loop for upcoming community events and member benefits.

Get Involved

Already a member, but would like to get more involved and receive bigger member discounts?

Join our volunteer help rota for 2 hours a month to receive a 15% discount. The more you volunteer, the higher the discount gets.

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