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Community Wealth Building - continued 23/01/21

Last week we had a great discussion with our guests Joe Guinan and Martin O’Neill, the co-authors of Community Wealth Building

The conversation with Martin and Joe was very rich and it generated a lot of links to different readings around the topic. Rather than launch into a new topic we thought it might be useful if our next meeting continued the CWB discussion this coming Saturday. For instance we can think more locally about how these ideas might be applied in Dublin or throughout Ireland. So take your pick of readings below (or anything else you might find online about the topic) and we’ll see you on Saturday at 4.30!

Patterns for cooperative networks and associations


Parkdale People’s Economy
A social economy project happening in Toronto

Read  Buying Social Justice
A book on Equality, Government Procurement, & Legal Change by Christopher McCrudden

Read  Forbidden Fruit: The neglected political economy of Lexit

James Meade
Biography of the economist James Meade

Read   James Meade, Public Ownership, and the Idea of a Citizens’ Trust 

Read   Socialising capital: Looking back on the Meidner Plan

Watch  The Route to a More Equal Society

Read   The Financial Times is right – Labour’s ownership funds will transfer wealth and power

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