Our Community

Rooted in our neighbourhood of Kilmainham in Dublin 8, our community is made up of 2,000 members as well as shoppers across Dublin. We are joined together by our common values and our belief in a more ethical and sustainable world.

Founded in 1983

Dublin Food Co-op is Ireland’s longest running and largest community-owned consumer co-operative. We were established with an aim to provide affordable, nutritious, wholesome and sustainably sourced food to our members from our shop in Kilmainham and our online shop. 

The Co-op started as a small buying club among friends, but has over time grown into a vibrant community with over 2,500 members, 120 volunteers and 18 staff members. 

As a co-operative social enterprise we deliver our service with a focus on providing our community with access to education about social and environmental sustainability.

We are a not for profit organisation – we aim to make a surplus to provide more affordable prices, build healthy reserves and further our social purpose. 

Members receive a 5% discount on their shopping when they join but they can receive up to a 25% discount if they are also able to volunteer. Volunteers receive between 15%  and 25% discounts for their contribution.

Join Today

As a member you are not only entitled to all the benefits of membership, you are also a shareholder in our co-operative. Learn more.

Community Development

Take part in a series of action-provoking events and training useful for anyone looking to be a more active citizen within their community. Learn more.

Our Team

Dublin Food Co-op is run by our dedicated staff and volunteers working together as a team to provide the best service possible to our members and wider community. Learn more.

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Becoming a Member

As a member, you gain access to our member benefits, which include member discounts, access to special orders, and can participate in our Co-op Community.

Through your membership of the Co-op, you will get access to an amazing community of people who share common values around food, the environment and building more resilient communities.

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