Our Governance

Member democratic control is a core co-operative principle with our Co-op governed by a Co-ordinating Body that is made up of and accountable to our members, who attend our General Meetings each year.

Your Co-ordinating Body

The Co-ordinating Body is the elected ‘board of directors’ of our co-operative. Three members are elected each year at our AGM. The Co-ordinating Body is responsible for guiding our strategy, safeguarding our resources and ensuring the management of our co-op remains aligned with our social, environmental and co-operative values.

Maureen - DFC Chair

Maureen O'Donnell


Paulo - DFC CB Member

Paolo Bostrenghi


Jonas - DFC CB Member

Jonas Poulsen

Board Member

Picture of Bróna Ní Chobhthaigh

Bróna Ní Chobhthaigh

Board Member

This is a picture of Brigid Corcoran.

Brigid Corcoran

Board Member

Picture of Elena San Juan Grande

Elena San Juan Grande

Board Member

CB member Marina Lambrakis

Marina Lambrakis

Board Member

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Two vacant positions

Governance Knowledge Base

We have created a knowledge base of all the key documents and policies that members need to understand how our co-operative is governed and operated.

Co-op Constitution

Our governing document is our rulebook (a.k.a our Constitution) which sets down how our food democracy works.

CB Meeting Summaries

The CB meets on the second Monday of every month, and you can read summaries of these meetings below.

Board Policies

The CB has approved a suite of policies to govern the Co-op. You can find the full suite below.

Organisational Policies

The CB has approved a number of important operational and organisational policies. You can find the full suite below.


Our committees support the Co-ordinating Body with their work, give more members a opportunity to be involved in the governance of our Co-op and bring their expertise, values and passion to our Co-op.

Finance, Audit & Risk

Chair: Martin Nolan

The CB is supported in the areas of finance, audit and risk by a committee of members with appropriate skills and experience. The committee is always looking for new members, so consider reach out.

Download the Terms of Reference (PDF 242kb – opens in a new window)

Nomination & Governance

Chair: Maureen O’Donnell

The CB is supported with its governance and succession role by a committee of members with appropriate skills and experience. The committee is always looking for new members, so consider reach out.

Download the Terms of Reference (PDF 116kb – opens in a new window)

Members' Affairs

Faciliator: Robert Cazacuic

The CB is facilitating the start of a Members’ Affairs Committee to provide a space for members to ask questions, share ideas and get involved without the commitment of joining the CB or one of the committees.

Read more.

General Meetings

Annual General Meetings

The Co-op holds an Annual General Meeting each year to hear reports, adopt accounts, elect the CB and a number of other important actions.

Special General Meetings

From time to time, the Co-op holds Special General Meetings to consider important topics like changes to our Constitution or to authorise borrowing for purchases.

DFC Shop Staff

Becoming a Member

As a member, you gain access to our member benefits, which include member discounts, access to special orders, and can participate in our Co-op Community.

Through your membership of the Co-op, you will get access to an amazing community of people who share common values around food, the environment and building more resilient communities.

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