Our Co-operative

We are a wholefoods co-operative committed to providing our community with control over their access to affordable, wholesome and sustainably produced food.

Food with Purpose since 1983

As a purpose-driven, value-based and community-led co-operative, we are part of a wider movement that is reimagining a sustainable food system that works for local communities, local producers and our planet.

Co-op Shop

We operate a retail wholefoods shop from our premises in Kilmainham.
Run by our shop team - staff and member-volunteers - you can shop for the best in wholesome and sustainable food in a friendly community atmosphere.

Online Shop

On our online shop you can access a selection of our best food and related products for collection at our Co-op Shop. We are planning further expansion of this service, including delivery, watch this space.


Our community development programme is comprised of a range of trainings, webinars and events aimed at providing individuals with the means to engage collectively on matters of social, economic and environmental concern within their communities.

What is a Food Co-op?

A food co-operative is a community that has come together to take control of their own food system to ensure that this food is procured fairly and sustainably.

What is our Story?

Started by a group of activists and vegetarians to meet their common needs for affordable, organic food in 1980’s Ireland, we are now a vibrant food democracy in the heart of Dublin City.

One member, one vote

Community owned


our food democracy

Our Members

The members are the lifeblood of any co-operative, and we are no exception. Members are involved at all levels of the co-operative, be it volunteering in the shop, getting involved in member committees, attending member meetings or joining our Co-ordinating Body.

Co-ordinating Body

The Co-ordinating Body are elected by the members each year to guide the direction of our Co-op, and ensure that the operations remain aligned with our vision, purpose and values.

The Co-ordinating Body is assisted by a number of committees comprised of members interested in bringing their knowledge, skills and experience to the Co-op.

Our Staff Team

Our staff team are responsible for the day-to-day operations of our Co-op, and delivering on our strategic objectives as agreed with the Co-ordinating Body.

We focus on developing a team who are closely aligned with our co-operative’s values, with most members of staff being Co-op members before being employed at our Co-op.

Becoming a Member

As a member, you gain access to our member benefits, which include member discounts, access to special orders, and can participate in our Co-op Community.

Through your membership of the Co-op, you will get access to an amazing community of people who share common values around food, the environment and building more resilient communities.

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