The environment we live in is so vast and diverse, even just our local area can lead to endless routes for research. Ecologists have a huge task in protecting and restoring the natural environment by providing important information about how human activity affects individual species. An impossibly huge task in recording it in it’s entirety. This is where the need for citizen science comes into affect. 

Citizen Science is research undertaken by voluntary members of the public in an attempt to gather larger quantities of data surrounding specific environmental topics. This facilitates scientists in their work while at the same time making the information more accessible and engaging to the general public. A win win. 

There are a number of initiates running throughout the country, including Bat Conservation Ireland, Clean Costs, People for Bees and many more you can find on the environmental protection agency site One worth noting, starting up soon, is the DCU Water Institute, in partnership with, called Dublin Water Blitz. Here water samples will be collected from the Liffey and other freshwater sites in an effort to understand water health and monitor conditions. It will start Friday 20 September – 23. 

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To gain a better understanding of the planet we all share, the more information we can gather the better! Citizen Science is a great way to become involved and educated and is open to people, including kids. 

Volunteering in any capacity is a worthwhile task and ensuring we manage, understand and appreciate our planets finite resources is vital. It’s one of the Dublin Food Co-op’s Core Principles!

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