“What if delivery couriers owned their own platform?” Recording

Watch the ‘What if delivery couriers owned their own platform?’ event online, which took place in March as part of our ongoing community development programme.

Dublin is in the midst of an explosion in delivery services with terms and conditions for riders being substandard, and out of their control. Bicycle couriers across Europe suffering from poor rates and working conditions are taking matters into their own hands… and starting their own co-operatives.
We were delighted to be joined by Adrien Claude from CoopCycle – a federation of courier co-operatives that provides support, guidance and access to their CoopCycle delivery application to riders starting their own not-for-profit courier co-operatives.

The CoopCycle story is really inspiring and will be of interest to anyone interested in how workers are self-organising to better their conditions and challenge the gig economy. It should also be of interest to couriers interested in starting a co-op, or those interested in supporting such an enterprise (co-operative development practitioners, local enterprise bodies, social enterprise bodies, trade unions).

If you are a courier or interested in getting in contact, please do get in touch.

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Our Community Development Programme for 2021 has been boosted by the support we received through the Social Enterprise Fund in 2020.


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