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Unit 2 Member Consultation Process

Thank you to everyone who participated in our consultation and member engagement process to inform and support the CB’s decision on how to proceed with Unit 2. Working collaboratively and as a collective, are key core principles of our Co-op and our participation in this way underpins why we’re here.

Our process consisted of our member survey, social media call and our in-depth discussion enabled by Jonas and Robert with the Member Affairs Committee.

The feedback and insights have been collated into this report, available to view below. The report has been provided to the CB for their consideration in the wider decision-making and review process, both for Unit 2 and to inform potential processes more broadly.

Key findings from the Unit 2 consultation process indicate

  • There is a deep consideration and awareness across the member base of the inherent balance between financial needs of the enterprise and supporting value mission in an evolving economic and social context, and the role this plays in upholding the foundations of the Co-op.
  • The member base reflected a preference, and the potential, to separate shorter-term decision to support financial needs now, from a longer-term decision to uphold community values and give the Co-op options in the medium to longer term.
  • Feedback reflected the desire to uphold and apply DFC values at all layers of decision-making – from the nature of the offer provided by any prospective tenant, through to the nature of any potential tenancy agreement made with any prospective tenant.
  • Across all elements of feedback the member based noted a clear preference to not sell Unit 2 and to allow for flexibility in use of Unit 2– whether applied directly by the tenant in their service offer, or manner of engagement with the local community, or baked into the nature of the agreement made and give responsibility for multi-use functionality back to the Co-op.
  • However, members noted an appreciation of the administrative and operational challenges that putting any multi-use function back onto staff of the Co-op would have.

Across the report and the engagement process followed, our DFC ethos and principles shown through and really highlighted our consideration, sustainability focused, ethical decision-making approach. It was a real pleasure and privilege to work with you all as an engaged member base – both as a member and in my role facilitating this process. Thank you for the opportunity.

If you have any feedback or queries please do stay in touch. 

Yours in co-operation,

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