Solidarity between Sonairte and Dublin Food Co-op

Sonairte, in honour of our longstanding relationship, are extending all Dublin Food Co-op members a discount of 10% of entrance to the centre and 10% off at their Eco-Shop. All you have to do is display your updated membership card.

Kim Reilly, the current Chairperson of the charity, has written a guest blog post to share a bit of the history behind our mutual relationship.

Kim Reilly

Kim Reilly

Sonairte Chairperson

There has been a long history of fraternity and solidarity between Sonairte and Dublin Food Co-op. 

Both organisations were founded in the mid 1980s by environmental activists who coalesced around the environmental issues of the time – indeed both Sonairte and Dublin Food Co-op share a founding member in Thomas Simpson. 

These pioneering environmentalists campaigned and co-operated on issues including organic farming and renewable energy – both ideas whose importance has now firmly been recognised as the world faces into the current interlinked climate and biodiversity crises.

Thinking back to the late 1980s a notable success of environmental activism was the defeat of nuclear weapons and nuclear testing as an accepted practise in Ireland. 

The Fernando Pereira courtyard in Sonairte stems from  a celebration of activism at this time.

The courtyard at Sonairte, County Meath.

Throughout the Co-op’s time from 1984 to 2004 in Pearse St and later in Newmarket, Sonairte volunteers made the long pre-motorway drive to the Co-op each Saturday bringing organic vegetables, fruits, plants, flowers and ideas, while Dublin Food Co-op members were often to be found volunteering at Sonairte. 

The world is again facing existential environmental threats where renewed fostering of solidarity and links between activist  and active communities are more important than ever.

In celebration of this Sonairte would like to offer a 10% discount on production of your Dublin Food Co-operative membership card at the Sonairte Eco Shop. 

The discount applies to admission, purchases, and courses. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Sonairte [pronounced SON-ART-A] is an interactive visitor centre promoting ecological awareness and sustainable living. Sonairte was established in 1988 by members of the local community and concerned environmentalists to promote environmental awareness and education. 

The centre is situated in a farm complex of noteworthy historical interest on the banks of the River Nanny near Laytown (Co. Meath), with a visitors centre, organic gardens and horticulture on display, different tours and nature walks and a lovely café.

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