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Member Spotlight – Thaís Aykroyd

Thaís Aykroyd

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Thaís Aykroyd is an artist and jewellery designer based in Dublin.

Thaís joined the Co-op when we moved to Kilmainham in 2018. Thaís was drawn to DFC as a source of zero waste shopping in Dublin.

Thais Jewellery Member Spotlight

I’ve been making macrame since I was a kid, and professionally since 2014. It’s been a long process in which I’ve learned so much. Today I can say that my work is done with my heart through the abilities of my hands. I’ve been integrating the power of the crystals with the power of art. Today I don’t make only handcrafted jewelry, I make amulets!

I found out about the Co-op through the Zero waste community here in Dublin.

You can find more of Thaís work here;

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