Fairtrade Fortnight

Does Fairtrade Farming work in Palestine?

Fairtrade Fortnight 2020 is nearly here. This year it runs from 24th February to the 8th March. In DFC we will be marking it with events and celebrations of our range of Fairtrade Products.

On Friday 28th of February we welcome Mohammed Ruzzi from the Palestine Fairtrade Association to find out more about Fairtrade farming in an occupied land. This will be a talk and a Q & A in the shop from 4pm.

Mohammed will be joined by Taysir Arbasi, who is Zaytoun‚Äôs Liaison and Advocacy Officer. Zaytoun supplies Dublin Food Co-op with Palestinian olive oil.

Zaytoun is a social enterprise and community interest company founded in 2004 to supply consumers with artisanal Palestinian produce. You can see more of their work on their beautiful olive grove in progress on their Instagram.

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