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Community Development Programme seeking contributors

Sam Toland is our Co-operative Secretary.

We are putting together our Community Development Programme for 2021.

After a very successful inaugural series in 2019/ 2020 we were really looking forward to growing our Community Development Plan for the 20/21 year. As we all know, that wasn’t possible. However, we wanted to expand on the great energy and ideas sparked by our first year, so we looked instead at what is possible now. 

We’ve decided to do a series of webinars focused on the three core themes of Food, Sustainability and Co-operation.

The majority of these webinars will run for approx. 1 hour, starting in March 2021 through to October 2021.

We are leaving room for hope that some in-person events and training may take place in the second half of the year, but for now we are only planning the online programme.

Looking for more member participation

We ran a survey on what kind of things members are looking for in the programme, and you’ll see how this has been incorporated into the final programme.

But we wanted to take it one step further and invite members to pitch ideas to run an event under any of the core themes – Food, Sustainability or Co-operation. And if it covers two or all three, all the better!

In order to pitch a webinar send the following to info@dublinfood.coop with the subject line ‘CDP Webinar Pitch – Your Name’ by the 20th February;

  1. Proposed Webinar Title

  2. Abstract describing the webinar (200-300 words max.)

  3. Proposed time of delivery

  4. Some proposed dates that you would be available to deliver between March and October

  5. Any previous experience of hosting webinars, events, trainings or what have you (if you don’t have experience, that’s fine to – just share why you think you’ll be able to run the event).

We’ll get back to everyone who has pitched events within two weeks, and we are aiming to incorporate 2-4 member-run events into the programme.

Finally if you are a passionate cook, and would be interested in hosting a cook along event as part of the programme, we’d be particularly interested in hearing from you.

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