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Become a bigger part of our community

Would you like to become a bigger part of our Co-op community? Get to know other like-minded people? Make your shopping more affordable? If so, please consider becoming a volunteer at the Dublin Food Co-op!

For as little as 2 hours per month, you can make a difference to our Co-op, engage with other members and receive additional discounts on your shopping in return. We are looking for volunteers to support us in the shop, or with our communications, community events or outreach efforts.

As you might be aware, we have been going through some tough times and like much of our community we have been hit hard with increases in costs, disruption to the supply chain and the impacts of inflation. One of our aims as a co-op is to provide wholesome and sustainable food at an affordable price, and a large factor in being able to do so comes from utilising our member base to offset some labour costs. 

Therefore, we need your support; your time, energy and expertise. We are a member organisation, and it is our members and volunteers that keep us going. 

Pre-covid, we had a thriving shop volunteer rota with over 70 members and, now that volunteers are a vital part of our operations again, we hope to exceed that number. 

How can you help?

Join our Shop-Ops Circle and come along for a volunteer shift in the shop – stacking shelves, tidying up, or setting up our fruit and veg stands. We also need support in our Communications, Outreach and Community Circles – whether it is writing social media posts, representing the Co-op at events, doing a local leaflet drop or more – your time and expertise can ensure the Co-op ethos is spread and the shop has a sustainable future. 

Read more about the current opportunities on our Team page, or email us to chat.

If you have expertise in these areas (or indeed others) you can provide, or are ready to jump on board and learn, please get in touch! 

We ask for a minimum commitment of 2 hours per month, but some volunteers do up to 4 or more hours per week; at a set time or on a flexible schedule that works for you. Volunteers get discounts from 15-25% depending on the time given.

Whether you can do one or several shop shifts, write a blog, or organise a member event – it is our volunteers that will ensure our Co-op can survive and thrive in the coming months and years. 

Please join us in doing what we have always set out to do – provide our community with access to affordable, wholesome, sustainably produced food!

To express your interest in joining our community of volunteers, send an email to

DFC Volunteers

Volunteer discounts

Volunteers receive discounts in the shop depending on time spent in their volunteer role.

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