Sick of Plastic Supporters

Are Dublin Food Co-op members Sick of Plastic?!

The Sick of Plastic campaign is an initiative put together by Friends of the Earth and VOICE Ireland with the hope of us all working together to empower communities to take action on single use plastics.

Since the campaign launched in early 2018, the focus areas have included supporting zero waste activists and organising a nationwide ‘Shop and Drop’ day of action to encourage supermarket customers to leave their unwanted plastic packaging behind them when they leave the supermarket.

Two of the focus areas for 2019 will be to increase pressure on supermarkets to reduce single use plastic and unnecessary plastic packaging as well as encouraging the government to introduce a deposit return scheme for plastic bottles & aluminium cans.

Dublin Food Co-operative has a stated aim to promote the rationale use of the earth’s resources and our membership has enthusiastically supported our transition towards prioritising packaging free and bulk options in our store.

The campaign for 2019 have recently setup smaller community groups all over Ireland including one in Thomas Street, Dublin 8 who’s first meetup is this Saturday April 6th. This is one of many sub groups setup all over Dublin & the rest of Ireland. All details can be found on the Sick of Plastic changex page:

The Dublin Food Co-op supports raising awareness around the broader transition away from single-use plastic and encourage our membership to get involved in this issue either through their local Co-op or groups like ‘Sick of Plastic’.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the world in which you live”

 Anna Lappe Founder, Small Planet Institute
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